Annie Moscow is a poet, singer, and hit songwriter , (Sarah Vaughn, Sister Sledge, Mickey Mouse).  Originally from New York, New Jersey, Bucks County, PA and Los Angeles, she now makes her home in Arizona.  



2015: Fifth CD: “It’s Just Water”
2011: Fourth CD: “PHOENIX”
2009:  Third CD:  “Live and Alive”
2007:  Song “They Don’t Scare Me” Disney/Hallmark top-selling audio Halloween card
2007:  Second CD:  Second CD: “Visible”2007: “You Had Me Bubblin” – wrote song performed in Universal film “Sagebrush Flats.
2005: “Angels Angels Angels” Theme song for film and fundraising campaign of Arizona Humane Society.
2001: “Wolves at My Door.” First album released as a solo artist.
1997: “They Don’t Scare Me” – wrote song performed by MICKEY MOUSE on Walt Disney’s “Scary Songs” album
1997: “Fly With Me” – song for Arizona Science Center Planetarium show
1997: “For the Children” – song performed by SISTER SLEDGE in Gospel musical: “Brother Brother Stop”
1997: “Chickens, Oranges & Other Funny Stuff” – co-wrote & co-produced music and collection of children telling jokes. Distributed by Rounder Kids.
1995: “Land of the Diamond Sun” – Co-wrote (with Steve Gold) all songs on hit children’s album. Was featured children’s album on New York City Public Radio for the month of May, 1995, with airplay on over 300 radio stations and two major airlines. Distributed by Rounder Kids.
1994: “True Love” – Song performed by SISTER SLEDGE on hit European album.
1992: “All of My Love” wrote song performed by KATHY SLEDGE on EPIC RECORDS. Released as the second single from the album. Album went to #1 on Billboards’ Dance charts.
1989 – Wrote song “Seesaw”, performed by DENISE LASALLE on MALACO RECORDS.
1989 – Wrote song “Born to be Pretty” – used in film “Savage Harbor.”
1986 – Song: “Tears In my Heart” – published by FAMOUS MUSIC and recorded in Japan by artist Hiromi Asai on Funhouse Records. Also performed by SARAH VAUGHN in her final New York appearance at THE BLUE NOTE.

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