Not quite a supermodel

I have a tendency to knit my brows, causing a crease between my eyebrows. I recently had a photoshoot for my upcoming album.

On a bright, sunny morning, two weeks prior, my photographer and I drove out to scout the location. He had a camera with him, and immediately began shooting. He sent me some of the test shots. I don’t know if I was staring at the sun or thinking too hard or what, but in every shot I looked worried, that deep furrow between my eyes. I panicked – I didn’t think I was walking around looking like that, but, maybe I was? I said to my photographer “Omg maybe I need to get botox!” which of course was his cue to say “Don’t be ridiculous. You look fine!” But he said…. nothing. (Oh Sh#*t.)

I had no intention of getting Botox, but I was willing to try pretty much anything else. I googled “How to reduce forehead wrinkles with face yoga.” The lady in the video had impeccably smooth skin, so I tried some of the exercises. I didn’t think it could be a good thing, making my face all stretchy like that, so after a few days I stopped. But the one thing it did make me aware of was how much I do knit my brows, so I was able to become more conscious and stop doing it whenever I caught myself going there.

A few days later, I stopped in at a salon. I asked an aesthetician, “Do you have any topical Botox-like product? As a matter of fact she did. She sold me Vivierskin anti-wrinkle peptide serum which has a mild nerve/muscle relaxant. It was very expensive, but, desperate times… She also threw in a sample of C E Peptide serum  and said “Try using just one drop of this in the mornings.

After using both products for three days, I met a friend for lunch who was unaware of what I’d been up to in the beauty department.  She commented immediately, “Wow – you look great! Rested.”

“Rested.” That’s a good word. That’s the post-plastic surgery word people use when they don’t know what’s different, but something’s different – fresher, better. My friend is a gay woman in her 60’s and I’ve never seen her in any make-up. I confessed my secret to her, thinking she probably wouldn’t be that interested, but she actually was. Very. I texted her the product names as soon as I got home.

The photos came out great. Not a furrowed brow among them. If anyone were to get the award for most improved, it would be my forehead.  My triceps, on the other hand, need to get their ass back in the gym. Oh well, there’s always Photoshop.

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