Darned if you do and darned if you don’t and finding the balance

So I posted on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog last week  that my memoir is done.  Technically, it is, although I don’t intend on releasing it for at least another few months, although I may begin posting excerpts from it soon, not sure.

Here’s the thing – everyone I speak to who’s ever published, especially self-published, everything in every book I’ve ever read says you need to start letting people know, months ahead of time, to build interest, so that when you finally do release your book, you have people waiting for it.

In Trader Joe’s yesterday I ran into an old friend who is now mostly a Facebook friend, as I hadn’t seen her in over a year.

“So I saw you just finished writing a memoir!”
“Um,… yeah….”
“That’s exciting! When will it be out!”
“Well, not officially for awhile… Maybe in a few months, maybe I’ll start posting excerpts, I’m not sure…..”

It’s ok. She was cool. But I felt a little, ok,… so now that a lot of people know it’s done, what should I do now, next?  It’s not like I have a game plan in place or anything yet. Note to self: you knucklehead.   I guess I could continue blogging about writing a memoir.  G-d I’m a cliche.

Most likely though, and soon, I should probably do something.

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