Crawling out from under a rock

Welcome to my annual pledge to force renewed interest in Twitter. Every DIY book out there says you have to be savvy with social media, and Twitter’s a big one. I’ve been on Facebook for years. Isn’t that enough? Although I use it primarily to post my gigs, cat videos, ooh and ahh over friends’ kids, and stalk my son.

I’ve had a Twitter account since 2009. I check in about once a year to see if anyone’s tried to contact me. My son, a successful entrepreneur, has been after me about this for years. “Mom – you have to be on Twitter!” he says.  I counter with “Well I don’t care what anybody had for breakfast!” Yeah I’m clever. Dinosaur mom with the snappy comeback. Apparently, that was the old Twitter. The new Twitter is actually pretty exciting, with news updates, valuable info. and funny people saying funny things coming at you a mile a minute. (Note: My son is not a Twitter fan either, but appreciates the value, so he has someone else doing it for him.)

I worked as a secretary in the early 80’s when word processors were first becoming a big deal and there were always a couple of old lady hold-outs in the back offices who couldn’t handle the new technology, hanging onto their electric typewriters for dear life. And damn they were good! Banging out perfect letters every time like no one today would be capable of.

It’s time for me to move out of this back room before I get stuck to my seat. I’m going to start by doubling my Twitter presence.

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