All I Know

A new year. New resolutions. In the past they’ve always been fame and fortune. This is the one. This is the year. Gonna get discovered. My big break. Bust outta this joint.

Well, I’m feeling a little more sober this year, actually. I used to write music and perform mainly with my husband. We gained some impressive credits, with the potential for our really big break always looming around the corner.

I’ve been on my own for almost three years now. In 2012, I did a Kickstarter campaign. With every “you go girl” and the Rocky theme song coursing through my veins, I shouted to the world: “I can do this! I’m gonna do this!!!” My campaign raised over $10,000 to produce my new, breakout CD. With all that (and a lot more), I hired a high profile producer and a manager/consultant to take me to that next level.

Fast forward two years, and all that money (and a lot more) into my new, breakout solo direction. The almost final mixes began coming my way, a little over a year ago now, sounding not quite ready for primetime. Shortly thereafter, I learned my producer was seriously ill, and I realized, it wasn’t going to get any better than this.

All the work that we had done so far was released back to me. My ex-husband, who had produced all my previous CDs, offered to help me finish up my project, which I was so grateful for that, but less than two months into that idea, I found a renewed appreciation for why we were no longer together.

At this time, my project is with a third producer. Someone local whom I trust and adore, and also gave me a really good deal. We have been working together in patching this puppy up, making it work. I’m thinking and hoping it’s going to be really good, but I don’t know. There’s still work to be done.

Meantime, last month some friends asked me to perform a few songs at their baby shower, which I did. One of the songs in particular, they really loved. They have two older children, each one with their own “special” song, and they wanted this one to be “the one” for their new baby.

I had never recorded it, but their baby was born last week, so as a gift to surprise them, I sat down with my Garageband to get a simple recording down for them. Not pro by any standards, but…. I do have to say, fifteen years into my recording career and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars spent on everything but this,….OMG this is one of the best recordings/performances I’ve ever done!


There’s a song by Art Garfunkel, “Angel Clare”, and one of the lines is: “I love you, and that’s all I know.” I love that, that he’s admitting, he doesn’t know anything. But for sure, he does know that.

I’m feeling kind of at that point in my musical career, that history has revealed to me that as a music marketing person, businesswoman, financier, studio recording artist, etc., clearly I don’t know WTF I’ve been doing.

But all I know right now is, I like what I’m hearing from my little DIY garageband set up. I really like it.

My new year’s resolution is to work smaller and smarter; to stop throwing money down the toilet at grandiose music projects. At this point in the timeline of life and my musical career, I don’t have those kind of resources to throw around anyway. But I do have a good keyboard and Garageband, and yeah – it’s totally working for me.

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  1. Right on!

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