Back in the saddle, I think, maybe

I’m having my air conditioner replaced today in my small apartment. Super fun stuff.  I can only think of about 50 other things I’d rather be doing than sitting around here watching workmen track mud and carry gross and rusted stuff back and forth. But I guess it’s good, sort of. Forces me to catch up on long-neglected computer work, and clean up. I just started in again on Ariel Hyatt’s book: “Music Business Success in 9 Weeks” The edition I have is from 2009. Oh! We’re in 2014. I guess I didn’t make it to superstar status in those 9 weeks, 5 years ago. Really? It’s been 5 years already! I have only myself to blame – I never took to Twitter and apparently regular tweets are an integral part of the road to success. Well, I’m going to start working through this again. I hope not too much has changed in those 5 years:) I may have to invest in an update.

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