Sacrificing for My Art

Too many carbs clogs my sinuses up.   I find certain carbs irresistible, so most of the time I’m walking around mildly clogged.

Some singers swear off dairy.  I could eat a pound of cheese – no problem.  Put a pound of pizza dough under it and I’ll enjoy it even more.  But I probably won’t be singing that night.

The times when I can conjure up enough self-discipline to go carb-free for a week or more, my voice is at it’s best.  I’m going to be recording 2 weeks from today.  It’s time to start cleaning out my system, get my best voice on.

Thanksgiving is next week.  I’m going over to a friend’s for dinner.  I hope that turkey is incredible, because that’s all I’ll be eating.  And maybe a salad.

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