Good Things Too

In 2001, shortly after I released my first CD, “Wolves at My Door”, two things happened.

1.  Victory, elation and renewed direction.  I had done it!  My labor of love and passion was now getting wonderful reviews everywhere.  I was launched!
2.  9/11

“Wolves at My Door” was all about hopes, dreams, anger and sadness, all  from my own life experience in the world around me.

After 911, everything else suddenly seemed so small and petty.  With this huge world event, how selfish and self-centered was I to be wanting to sing my little songs and be a rock star when buildings were falling down and thousands of people were dying.

They say the world changed after 911.  I believe that.  Innocence was gone.  We were all forced to look at the larger picture, and there was a kind of depression that lingered for a long time after that.

It took me several years to get back on my horse again, rediscover that my music was relevant.  It had never not been.  Major catastrophes dwarf everything.   But did I lose life, limb or a loved one in this one?  No, thank God.  My job was to keep going.

Last week I was at a party and a woman, (who along with her husband are big supporters of acoustic music in this town),  came up to me and handed me money.  She said “We’re not going to be able to make your upcoming show, but we still want to support you and your music.”

I said to her, “You two are some of the most amazing people I know – always there for the artists in this town, so giving!”

She said to me, “You do the same thing with your music.”

Between 911 and now, I’ve had my own losses, some as devastating as any, but none of them making the front page, because it wasn’t whole cities or countries.  Just me.  It was my turn.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’m at the tail end of my Kickstarter project, 4 days left now – raising funds to record my new CD.

I began my Kickstarter campaign on October 26th, so I would be able to close it before Thanksgiving or Christmas, when people have other things on their minds.

Yep.  Instead, I chose to run it during the Election, Hurricane Sandy, and now, what’s going on in the Middle East.

Bad stuff happens all the time.  Horrible stuff.  We all get our turns.

But right now, in my world, it’s time for some good things, and that’s the horse I’m going to stay on.

My Kickstarter campaign closes in four days.   It’s almost 90% funded, but I still have over $1000 to raise.

I’m not a Red Cross volunteer, a doctor or a minister,  but this is my work in the world, and as I’m appreciating more and more, it really does matter.

So help if you can.  Give what you can.  And I will do my best to bring you something beautiful.

Kickstarter link:

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