Nine months pregnant

Nine months pregnant.  That’s what it feels like.  And I can only say that because I’ve been nine months pregnant.  Men aren’t allowed to say things like that.

What it is, is you know you’re going to have a baby.  You know there’s a very finite amount of time left for you to be walking around like a water buffalo, and you know everything is  going to completely change in that very finite amount of time, just around the corner.

But when you’re in the moment, you’ve been in this state of waiting and it feels like this state of waiting is going to be forever.

Kickstarter.  There’s only 6 days left, but it feels like it’s been forever.  It’s hard!  It’s like being a cheerleader on a rollercoaster, continuously begging at all your friends (by the way – if you’re reading this – please go to my Kickstarter site Now & donate!)

I’m going to be recording an entire new CD – with fantastic all new people, songs – something entirely different for me which could launch my career in a whole new way.

People ask me, aren’t you so excited?!!!!

Well yes,….  but there’s so much to do in the meantime – this campaign, getting all my songs ready, on top of a full teaching schedule.  My head and days are too full to be jumping up and down quite yet.  Which is probably a good thing.

Well, delivery is soon.  In calendar days anyway.

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