Oh the Places you’ll go the People you’ll meet

(post title courtesy of Dr. Seuss)

One of the best things about being a musician are the places you get to go, the people you get to meet.

One of my friends, Susan Brooks, is an author and she just finished her book, “Outrageous, Courageous and Highly Contagious…” and today was her official release party and she asked me to sing.   

Another friend of hers hosted the event at her spectacular condo.  OMG what a  place!  She has a huge penthouse right outside the city overlooking a golf course.  Everywhere you turned, the artwork and attention to detail on every little thing, every little piece of furniture, was amazing.

I commented to another woman there how much I loved the bathroom with the little angels all over the walls.  She said yeah you should see the other bathroom!

I elbowed my way into the current tour-in-progress.

Ok.  Here’s the highlight:  The other bathroom has a seat that automatically rises up to greet you when you walk in the room, and apparently had several other tricks up it’s sleeve as well.

The women, the people there, were all amazing.

I met Alexis La Benz, a 19-year old girl, who was just the prettiest, sweetest looking young girl you could imagine, and then learned that since she was 14 she’s been working to expose teen trafficking.  She’s also the creator of www.teensontrafficking.org and was awarded the 2011 National Young Woman of Distinction from the Girl Scouts of the USA.  I remember reading about her.

I met Annie Lloyd, founder of “The Fusion Foundation”.  She had the most powerful voice I’d ever heard and gave the opening prayer/dedication.,

I met Dr. Gladys McGarey, internationally recognized as “the mother of holistic medicine.”  I remember reading about her too, over 20 years ago, and I remember thinking then wow what an amazing person I would love to meet her. Well, I did today.  Still thinking, wow.  But even more.

The baked brie was the best I’d ever had.  The endives with creme fraiche, beets etc. weren’t too shabby either.

Thank you Susan, for including me in this wonderful event.  I hope you’ve got a best seller here!

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