Just sent it off to Kickstarter for Review! Yay!

I just clicked the “submit’ button on my Kickstarter campaign.  As soon as I get the word back from them, it will be launch time!   I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, and then, very intensively and exclusively for the past few days.

I’m getting ready to pat myself on the back, have a big bowl of ice cream and watch one of my “Real Housewives” shows as I sit back in contentment and accomplishment.

Yeah I know.  Haven’t raised a dime yet.  The fun part starts in a few days.  But just getting this done!  And up there!  It feels kind of like I just finished a thesis!

In completing each little task and twist and turn and requirement and narrative, I kept reminding myself of the wise words of Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby and music business guru to so many.  He says he appreciates things that require jumping through many hoops.  The more hoops the better.  Because that means that less and less people are going to take the trouble to get to the top hoop, so, more opportunity for you!

Those weren’t his exact words.  He was a lot more eloquent.  But you get the picture.  Oh!  feels so good!!!

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