Waking Up Is Hard To Do

A friend of mine sings in a New Thought church.  She says a lot of the music there is they’ll take an old standard and put more spiritual, new-thought-esque lyrics to it.  Last time I went to hear her they sang “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” (to the tune of “Breaking up…..”)

I’ve been doing a lot of late night driving lately, and listening to Coast-to-Coast Radio to keep me company.  I used to listen to it a lot a long time ago, and it was mostly about the supernatural, reincarnation and UFOs.  But lately it seems to have gotten a lot more political.

Authors, speakers, ex-gov workers, all things going on in the immediate world around us that most of us can see (as opposed to ghosts, fairies and tree sprites)  Just in the past few weeks, I’ve been learning about GMOs , NDAA , and Agenda 21.

O.M.G.  Waking up is hard to do.

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