Back to blogging

Ok.  I just realized my last blog post was about a year ago, and the one before that, maybe a year before that?  So I’m not going to win the award for most prolific blogger.  I know.  I was going pretty strong there for a few years, but then life began taking over and I’ve been alternating between being really busy and then retiring into the deepest recesses of my mind where nobody can get in and frankly who would want to.   But meantime, that blogging world in between kind of shut down for awhile.

Enter Kickstarter.  I’m getting ready to record a new album and raising the money for it is part of it.  I’m preparing to go up on Kickstarter within the week.  (just finished the video – it’s awesome!)   Now all of a sudden, I’m realizing that being separated and tucked away in a hole from from the rest of the world may not be the best marketing strategy.  So this little voice inside head my head is saying, “Hey!  What about your blog?!”

I need to get back to blogging anyway.  So much has been going on.  So many big big changes.  A lot of them pretty great.   So, hopefully this will get my blogging juices flowing again.  Get me back in touch again and keep you posted on what I’m doing and I hope you’ll stop by and do the same!

All for now.  Anticipating next post will be less than a year away!

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