homes, apartments and Pandora

I haven’t been blogging lately.  I’ve been busy.  Moving.  It feels so good to have sold that house and be out of it I can’t even tell you.   Everyday I talk to someone else who’s losing their house or short-selling.  It’s just crazy out there.

I’m loving apartment living.  I considered getting (buying) a new place – a condo or townhouse – for a few weeks.  Went crazy looking at listings and getting excited.  There’s a lot of bargains out there.

Then my air conditioning went out.  I called the apartment management.  Someone was over to fix it within a few hours.  No charge of course.

It made me re-visit the thought of buying again.  Well, what if my refrigerator breaks?  Plumbing, air conditioning, etc…….   No.  I think I’m done home-owning for awhile.  That’s just where I’m at today,

Meantime, I just went to the Pandora site and submitted my music for consideration for inclusion.  (Submission #23).  They say right in the FAQs they get a ton of submissions and don’t accept a lot of indies, but ya gotta try, right?




Submission #23.

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