Scary and Weird out there

It’s getting scary and weird out there.  A lot of my formerly comfortable friends are having serious financial concerns.  Everyone I talk to.

We just lowered the price (again) today so we can give away  sell this house.  The limbo stick has finally gotten as far down as it can go without chopping off a nose or two, so either it sells at this price or  we have to come up with another plan.

I’m thankful for the little things right now, which in the scheme of things, are pretty big things.  1) My house mortgage is not underwater.
2) My house is not underwater.  Apparently in some states, houses are.
3)  I’m self-employed.  Not the richest kid on the block, but as I found myself remarking to another self-employed friend today, there’s always somewhere/someway to make 50 bucks.   Everyday I’m hearing about people losing good jobs, and then can’t find another.

Ok.  Here’s the weird news.  In China last week, apparently a “mirage” of a city with mountains and buildings appeared in the fog.    Is this for real?  What’s going on out there?


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