Ahwatukee Restaurant Closings

My friend and fellow Ahwatukee resident, GM called me last night and asked if I wanted to meet him for a drink at a favorite local watering hole, “Rock Bottom”, which was closing.  This was their last night open.

Rock Bottom is a chain and as far as I know, other locations were still open, but ours was closing.  I haven’t been a big Rock Bottom patron, but GM has, and he said he was feeling a little sentimental about it.  So we met at Rock Bottom and it was actually pretty crowded and I said “Wow – this doesn’t look like a recession here.”

GM said he had also come here the night before and it was crowded and he said something like that to the waitress and she said, “if it was always like this, they wouldn’t be closing.”

GM likes beer and Rock Bottom has a pretty big selection of home-brews, but it took  GM about 4 different requests till he finally got to one they still had.  Apparently they were just letting everything run out.  We also only got our 2nd choice for appetizers, (out of the asiago cheese dip), the firecracker shrimp, which I thought was a little too sweet and bready.

GM told me about another local restaurant that had just closed it’s doors last week; a Chinese restaurant I used to go to with my family and has been a local fixture for over 20 years.  GM also shared with me something interesting he had learned about the Chinese restaurant’s closing.

Apparently, patrons who had used credit cards there during the final days were now getting charges run up on their credit cards for over $400.  This had happened to enough people that now the police were getting involved.  I don’t know the whole story of course, but if someone trying to eek out a few extra bucks via 11th hour fraud, how could anyone think they could get away with that?!  Desperate times, desperate people.

GM said he used to really like the “Volcano Grill”, which closed here a few years ago.  I remember that place even before it became Volcano Grill.  I think it was called “PJs” or something like that.  I just remember it was a pretty great restaurant and the first place we discovered, that we really liked, shortly after we had moved to Arizona.

My then 4-year-old son wanted to order the rattlesnake.  I don’t remember whether we got it for him or not, but I understand it tastes like chicken.

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