Electronic Press Kits

I read an article today about submitting to blogs.  It said always include a link in your pitch to your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), so the blogger can easily go check you out.

I’ve had an electronic presskit up at the best-known indy musician EPK site, Sonicbids, since the beginning.  It used to be mandatory to have a Sonicbids account to submit to certain festivals.

Not only does Sonicbids host your EPK, but they post all kinds of opportunities that come in for musicians to submit their presskits to.  I’m sure most of them are legit, but I got a little turned off awhile back when I saw some local clubs that I personally know of that a) have no draw of their own and b) from what I’ve seen, are grateful for anyone to play there! and they were charging Sonicbids members a $5.00 submission fee just to be considered for a gig there.

From what I could see, those submission fees they were charging the musicians were probably the only source of income those clubs had.

I have the basic account at Sonicbids, which is $5.00 a month, and has some limitations, including you can’t post a video on your page.  You can only do that if you’re a “premium” member, and I believe the premium account is around $50 more per year.

I haven’t done anything with my page there in years.  I don’t submit anywhere through them, and all the information that I have on my Sonicbids page, and more, is up on my website. The only advantage Sonicbids has over my website is how simple it is for press to access all the necessary information just relevant to them.

I created a work-around for that today.  I just created a new page on my website and called it “EPK”, which will be a one-stop-shop where press can go to see anything they might need, easily, all on the same page.

I’m paid through next February over at Sonicbids, so I just made myself a note to cancel before it comes up again for renewal.

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