Jango Radio

Submission #4

Today I put joined Jango Radio and uploaded a song.

It’s a pretty interesting internet radio site.  I’d never been there before, but a couple of my musician friends use it and like it.

Basically, you upload your music, and Jango lets you target listeners whom you think will like your music based on a variety of demographics, including other artists that your potential fans might be listening to, and then as Jango streams their favorite artists out to them, they include your song in the mix.

For $30 you get 1000 plays, for which Jango says on average you will bring you 30 new fans. Then if listeners really like your music, you get bonus extra plays (that you don’t pay for), as well as new fans.  Also, re: your new fans, Jango reports back to you with the demographics of where your votes are coming in.

I have an account with Sonicbids (an online musician’s presskit site) and they’re offering a free rounds of 100 plays with Jango to try it out.  Free is good.

So today I submitted my song “Bed and Breakfast in New England”.  It takes 24-48 hours to be up and running.  I’ll be very interested to see how my song does, and what the demographic reports come back with.

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