Playing with Others

Had a really fun weekend playing with others.

Not an easy thing to do for a classically-trained pianist who’s used to being the whole band symphony thank you.

Hey – as a pianist, you get used to being a solo performer – playing all the parts.  So why the heck do you need anybody else!?  And then when you start thinking maybe you would like to play with other people, they’re not so excited to play with you because you’re sitting there hogging up all their parts and there’s no space left in anyone’s register for anyone else to do anything.

Might as well put the sign up on your head “Does not play well with others.”

But all that’s been changing.

Over the years, through trial and error and bass players who may’ve wanted to shoot me, I’ve been getting a lot better at making room for other musicians, and more and more lately, I’m really enjoying playing with other people.

On Friday night, the studio I teach at had a party and we all got to jamming on songs that we all knew, with the evening eventually dissolving into an exuberant jam of “Horse with No Name”.  There was a violin (fiddle?) player there who was awesome.  I’d seen her in the halls, but had no idea she was that good.

She had amazing ears and everything she jumped in on sounded great, so I invited her to my gig on Saturday night to come by and sit in on a few songs, which she did.  Several people commented I should have her play with me more often.  Yeah.  I’m thinking that too.

Then my friend, RR, whom I’ve known for years and we’ve talked about playing together, but hadn’t yet, brought his mandolin and harmonica in and came up and joined me on my song,  “Bed and Breakfast in New England.” 

Too much fun.

I want a band.

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