Gefilte fish at Costco

was $7.99 for 6-1/2 pounds today!!!  It costs more than that at Fry’s for less than a pound!

A lot of people who haven’t grown up with gefilte fish think it’s kind of gross.  But R & I grew up with it, so I bought the 6-1/2 pounds.  It’ll probably be gone in about a week.

I’m a relatively new Costco shopper, and they really do have some great buys.  Some of my favorites are the chocolate protein shakes, the seaweed salad and they have this dried fruit snack that I just discovered which is excellent!

Last night R & I had macademia/pineapple encrusted mahi mahi, also from Costco.  It was really good, and around $3.00 a serving.

I’ve also been buying gas there lately, because it’s 20 cents cheaper per gallon than most other places.

Today I asked the cashier, “What’s the difference between Costco and Sam’s Club?

She said, “Number one, Costco will usually take returns.  Sam’s Club doesn’t.  And two, Costco pays their employees better than Sam’s Club.  It’s a great company to work for, so the employees are always happy and helpful.”

It’s true.  They were all very happy and helpful.

Like I said, I’m a relatively new shopper.  But now I’m a fan.

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