Totally Revamping my Website

For 2 years, it was very clean-looking, to-the-point, and nothing exciting in the design department.

Then about 6 months ago, Hostbaby, (where I keep my page) offered some new templates.  Around that same time I had just had some really nice photos taken.

I played around with one of their new templates and one of my new photos for awhile, and came up with something that looked a lot more exciting than my original site.  First off, because the whole background was a watermark of my photo, so that certainly kept it unique, as well as being a cool effect.  And also, I had my choice of colors.  Purple has always been my favorite, so I went with a soft fuschia and then settled back in the glow of my new website.

Well, a few more things have been happening lately.

One: I’m getting ready to release my new CD within the next 2-4 weeks, so it is time for a new look.

Two: Hostbaby recently put out a whole new set of sitebuilding tools which I’ve been playing around with, and am really liking the new look.


Three:  You know, I’ve been looking at my site lately, and not liking it as much as I did in my original design frenzy.  It looks too soft and sensual.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….  but that’s not what my music is about.  Not what I’m about.  So  – Time for a change!

Last night, I was out with a couple of friends/fellow musicians, all of whom have seen both websites (the original & the one in progress).  One of them said to me, “I like the new one much better.  The first one looks like it could be a perfume commercial.”

Someone else said, “I was thinking soft porn.”

And a third vote, “It appears that you were looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.”

Thanks friends.  btw, they’re fuschia!

That’s how it works I guess.  Nobody says anything until you wake up yourself, and then everyone jumps in and tells you “Oh yeah!  We thought that all along!”

I have a friend who had an awful spouse, but no one could say anything bad about him until after they divorced.  Then we were all quick to let her know we never cared for him anyway.

I’m linking here to my fuschia-perfume ad-soft porn-rose-colored glasses current website, as well as a link to my new one, still in progress.  But just a warning, there is limited viewing time left for the fuschia one, because a few more tweaks and all links will point to the new one.

So enjoy it while you can!

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