Locked out of my house

I locked myself out of my house today.  I’ve never done that.  I partially attribute it to the neighborhood block watch meeting I attended two weeks ago.

Apparently, even in my clean, lovely neighborhood, we need to be on the lookout for crime.  At the meeting, they passed out pages of lists and safety precautions.

One thing I started doing since the meeting was keeping the door between my house and the garage locked.  I never did that before, because you can’t get into the garage without the automatic garage opener.

I didn’t used to think so anyway.  But the block watch meeting made me realize – hey!  you can’t be too safe!  So out of habit, now I’ve been keeping it locked.

Around 1:30 this afternoon, I briefly walked into the garage to put some trash out and the door slammed behind me.  Locked!  Sh#$*t!!!!!

The good news is, I had more clothes on than sometimes I do when it’s just me and my house and the garage.

So I took the garage door opener out of my car and went searching for the closest neighbor at home, which was about 6 houses away, so I could call a locksmith.

She said, “Do you have your phone?  I’ll get you a phonebook.”

I held up my garage door opener.  My most valuable possession at this time.  She invited me in and handed me a phone and a phonebook.

A lot of small businesses have gone out of business over these past few years, including all of the locksmiths in the phonebook.

I was starting to get a little panicky.  My neighbor was very nice, but I didn’t know her that well and she had obviously been on her way out and was anxious to get going, although kind enough to stay there for me – but one after another locksmith phone number was no good and I had a student scheduled to show up in less then two hours and I didn’t know how or when I was ever going to get back into my house.

Finally, after about 20 minutes and 3 referrals, I got through to a place called Acme Locksmith (I know!  Isn’t that a cartoon name!?), and then returned to my garage with my precious garage door opener and two bottles of water from my nice neighbor to wait it out.

I found all kinds of exciting things to do to keep myself occupied, and I have to tell you – my garage is looking better than ever!

Finally, after, 1.5 hours and $69.00, I was once again, back inside.

I’ve heard that if you keep guns in your house, there’s a greater chance that the gun will be used against someone who lives there, as opposed to an outside intruder.  I wonder if that’s true with locks too.  The more locks you have, the greater the chance the lock will be used against you.

Whatever.  I still can’t believe I did that.

3 responses to “Locked out of my house

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  2. For emergencies, just keep a key under your door mat! Wouldn’t Block Watch just love that! If you’re not comfortable with that idea, then just keep one under a flower pot. Better yet, to psyche out possible thieves, hide an old key that doesn’t match any door on your house!

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