People who walk across the country

A few years ago, when my life as I knew it was falling apart, I felt lost.  Nothing made sense and the song “Can’t Find My Way Back Home” ran through my head for about a year.

I spent a lot of time reading the great philosophers and spiritual teachers, both ancient and modern, and took a lot of comfort and insight there.

A lot of the books talked about “returning to the self”, and that so many of our modern psychological maladies are a result of getting separated from our true selves, the source of all direction and well-being.  So many of us are scrambling to find that internal compass, while so many more are completely lost – having forgotten it’s existence.

I fell into that second category for awhile.  Then when I finally graduated to the first category, I spent a long time digging, trying to find my way back to that connection.

One of the books that I read during that period talked about a woman known as “The Peace Pilgrim” From 1953 to 1981, she just walked, lived by her wits, instincts and the grace of the universe, logging over 25,000 in her almost 30 years of walking.

She found her way.  She was fine.  She just trusted herself and life fell in line for her.

I’ve wondered about doing that sometimes myself – If I just walked out my front door, and just walked, would I be ok?  Would I learn to get in touch with myself in a hurry, and be fine too, just like her?

I thought about that scene from Forrest Gump, where he walks out the front door and just runs.  Doesn’t come back for days.


Last week on Facebook a woman contacted me who’s getting ready to walk across the country. She’s an artist and a storyteller and will spend time with people all across the country on her walk as they walk with her, sharing their stories as she videotapes her experiences.

Not the “Peace Pilgrim”, but some similarities.  I’m intrigued and we’re in contact.  I’m looking forward to meeting her, watching her journey and maybe being part of it.

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