The Chosen People

When I was growing up, I was told that people of my religion were the “Chosen People”.  I’m not sure exactly what that meant, but I think it meant that we were the ones who got to go to heaven and nobody else did.

If I had remained in a sheltered environment surrounded by wonderful people, I might’ve been able to sustain that belief.  But some of my relatives in the “Chosen People” faith were pretty awful, and out in the larger world, I formed many close relationships with wonderful people who weren’t of my “chosen people” faith, which led me to believe that if some of those nasty people were slated for heaven and the people I liked weren’t, well, 1) that couldn’t possibly be true, could it?  and 2) if it was, then where would I rather be?

But the bigger joke was, as I got older, I learned that most other religions also saw themselves as the “Chosen People”, and you couldn’t get into heaven unless you were one of them.

South Park did a wonderful episode a few years ago, where someone died and went to heaven and at the entrance gate they are told, “And the correct answer is…. Mormon!”

Oh well.  A life full of virtue and one wrong menu choice and forget it buddy.

I followed a newslink this morning about these days possibly being the “end of times” and how only Christians would be saved (the Chosen People?)  But when I went back to look for it so I could put that link in my blog, I couldn’t find it.

I did, however find a link to a story I saw yesterday that said Louis Farrakhan said UFOs are coming to save the world the Nation of Islam. (The Chosen People?)

There is so much going on in the world right now.  Most of it, not so good.  Maybe we do need a UFO.  Preferably one that’s a little mean, but not too destructive.  Then we can all ban together against a common enemy that’s not each other, wave an “Earthling” flag, and then get our planet together.

One response to “The Chosen People

  1. Hostile aliens would be effective for uniting us, but as soon as the aliens were defeated, could the peoples od the world avoid going back to their old ways? What about aliens that can be held in check by our combined efforts but can never be defeated? Just a thought!

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