House back up on the Market

We signed this morning with a new broker(s) to list the house again.

R and I have been divorced for three years now.  So it’s probably about time to move on, don’t you think?

This house is so big.  And we’ve gotten rid of so much stuff already.  It’s a big, beautiful semi-empty house with carpets that need cleaning, all the more obvious since there’s not enough furniture and knick-knacks etc. to hide spots or distract the eyes.

Sometime ago, when things weren’t so good and I definitely wasn’t, sometimes when I was alone in this house I would replay in my head that scene in Citizen Kane where his wife is alone in that big castle, and not doing so well herself.

Things aren’t terrible, tragic, etc. or anything like that now.  They’re not even mildly uncomfortable really.  But still, it is very much time to move on.

The broker(s) seemed optimistic.  It’s a husband and wife team from my immediate area and they love it here and their kids go to the local high school and love it, so it seemed like a good match.

He also said that interest rates are expected to go up soon, so a lot of people are jumping into the housing market now to get in before the rate increase.  Great.  Jump into mine!

So over the next few weeks there are carpets to clean, bathrooms to scrub and bushes to trim.  And a spa to refinish.

Oh, and did I mention, an album to finish?  That’s scheduled for next weekend.  It’s truly almost done and sounding so great I can’t wait!


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