Medical Marijuana, Australian prostitutes and other high class TV

Day 6 of my Tour.

A lot of driving today, from Northern Ca to Ventura and am spending time with my musician friend, SR, a self-proclaimed deadhead and a stoner.

SR has a health condition and smokes (medically prescribed) cigarettes throughout the day.

I just wonder how stoned she really is though, because she just kicked my butt in Scrabble.  I beat her on the second game though.

Then we sat on her bed and watched a Netflix showtime series on Australian prostitutes called “Satisfaction.”  We discussed other TV shows we’ve both discovered.

SR likes a show called “Cash Cab” on the Discovery Channel.  Where people get into their cab and all of a sudden they’re on a game show and can win money.

I asked if she’s ever seen Jerry Springer’s new dating show, “Baggage.”  That was surely something to see.  But she hadn’t.

But neither of our show recommends were on, so we watched the Australian prostitutes.

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