A lot of hippies in Berkeley

Day 4 on the Road.

I spent a beautiful day in Oakland with my friend P.

We took the BART to Berkeley because I’d never been and I also wanted to see Freight and Salvage because a lot of my friend play there, including Caren Armstrong whom I played with last night.

Every 20 feet or so you walk in Berkeley there is a tie-dye clothing stand.   P and I also passed two sidewalk jugbands, playing not even 100 feet down the sidewalk from each other.

I saw a girl wearing bell bottoms and wondered, are they coming back in style again?

Back at P’s we got in our bathing suits to go to the pool and jacuzzi at the apartment building across the street. It felt surreal, walking in the middle of a large city just past winter in towels and flip flops. The Jacuzzi felt great though.

Then tonight P threw a dinner party in my honor. I’m trying to stay pretty lo/no-carb on this trip, but her sweet potatoes in garlic and Rosemary almost blew it for me.

We talked about clothing styles.  P and her friends are younger than I am and I said I saw someone in bell bottoms today in Berkeley.  Are they coming back in style? One guy said, no that’s just Berkeley. They’re all frozen in hippie time there.

Everyone just left for the hot tub again, but I’ m in now for the night. I have a big day tomorrow, and I don’t drink beer anyway.

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