Colder in L.A. than Phoenix

Day 1 on the Road

Last night I drove as far as my mother-in-law’s house about an hour north of L.A.  The drive was so easy compared to how it used to be.

It used to be, if you took 10west, you had to go thru downtown L.A. before picking up the 101.  But you can take the 210 west and cut out all that downtown traffic.  I made it here from Phoenix in less than 7 hours.

It’s time to get up and continue driving.  It’s colder here than in Phoenix. I’m laying here in bed and not tired but don’t want to get out because it’s cold! And my feet are cold even under 2 blankets. So what do you do when you’re freezing but bored and the only solution is to take that leap out of the fr*&%#kin’ blankets?

Ok.  Here I go.

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