The difference between part-time and full-time touring

I spoke with YH today, a good friend, a great musician and somewhat of a mentor in the touring department.  Three years ago, when I was preparing to book my first out-of-state tour, YH introduced me to a great little contact management program for musicians, Indie Band Manager, which has helped me tremendously in booking and staying organized.

YH is on the road full time.  He drives around the country pretty much 365 days a year with his guitar, a few belongings and CDs to sell.

When he called today, I was leaving Costco with a bulk container of bottled waters, choclolate protein shakes and miscellaneous other individually packaged protein items I had just bought for my upcoming one-week tour.  As I was telling him about all my exciting purchases he was like “What!!!?”

I said “I’m sure it probably sounds weeny-ish to you, all the preparation I’m doing just to go out for a week.”

He confessed, “No, actually.  When I used to tour just once in awhile, I would get started at least a week before getting everything organized and ready to go.   But now (that he’s doing this full time), I barely think about it.  It’s more just day to day.”

Part of me thought, “Wow – it must be nice to be at that point.”

Then another part of me got to thinking, “Wait a minute….”

A.  He’s gotten food poisoning twice already this year, and

B.   He performs in jeans & a T-shirt!  I like to dress up when I perform, and successful outfit coordination takes time and preparation.

So at least for this trip, it’ll be protein shakes and separate little bags with separate little pockets for make-up and jewelry.  I may not be as cool about it all, but at least I’ll be healthy and shiny.

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