Floating Genre-less in a Sea of Classifications

I’ve been at this for 10 years now and you would think by now I would be able to tell people what I do, but the answer still hasn’t materialized.

When you’re a musician, everyone wants to categorize you.  And so many times I wish I could.  It would certainly make booking easier.

When I first started writing and performing my own songs, I considered myself a “singer-songwriter”, which is exactly what I am.  However, apparently there is a very specific sound that people associate with the words “singer-songwriter”, and it’s not mine.

When I released my first CD, I joined Folk Alliance and went to the national & western conferences, for a number of years.  I knew I wasn’t a “folk musician”, but the conferences were great and I did meet a lot of great people and have gotten a lot of shows through the networking.

But.  I’ve also heard more times than I care to count from well-meaning peers, “Annie, do you know you’re not a folk musician?”

I haven’t been to a conference for a few years now.  But I do miss it.  I love the people and the party and will probably go back at some point.

Then, a few months ago, a local promoter asked me to play in a jazz line-up.  I said to him, “Well, my music has some jazz elements, but it’s not really “jazz”, but if you think it will fit in, I’m up for it.”

The evening went great.  It was really fun and I did fit in.

But.  A drummer and a bass player from one of the other jazz acts came up and joined me on stage for a couple of my songs.  At one point I thought we were really jamming and I turned around to the bass player and said “Hey do you want to take a solo”.

He said “No.”

Pat Metheny – I think your job is safe.

Tomorrow night, I’ve been invited to play in pop/rock festival that’s doing a leg in town.  I’m really looking forward to it.  My songs do have some punk/pop/rock elements in them, especially some of my newer material, so who knows, maybe this is the place!

Although, last year the festival featured such bands as “We Should Be Dead”, “Kill Baby Kill” and “Crash Street Kids”.

It’s all an adventure.  It’ll be fun:)


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