In recovery with aloe and garlic

Whatever that bug or virus thing going around is, this year it hit me hard.

First the fever, then the lost voice, then the deep cough, then, exhaustion.

I finally started singing a little again this week.  I have a gig coming up on Friday night, but it’s only a half hour set in a festival line-up, so that shouldn’t be too demanding.  But then, next week I’m leaving for California for an 8-day tour.

I went to my voice lesson yesterday (that I had cancelled the past two weeks in a row) and as soon as I opened my mouth, she said, “We’re just going to take it easy today.  Not do too much.”

I said, “I have a gig on Friday and then I’m going on tour next week.”

She said, “You need to be drinking aloe juice.  Go to Trader Joe’s and get some aloe juice.”

I said, “I’ll pick some up tomorrow.”

She said, “No.  You need to get some today.  Now.”

She also showed me some acupressure points that were nowhere near my lungs, but she said were connected to the lungs, and sure enough, when I located them, they were tender.

As I was leaving she called out “Garlic too!.”

My voice teacher had warned me that the aloe juice from Trader Joes was slightly bitter, but Sprouts was more in my driving range that day so I ended up there and picked a bottle of distilled aloe vera that had no flavor at all – like very pure water and easy to drink.

I worked with the acupressure points on and off throughout the day, did a lot of deep breathing and then went to bed early.

I’m actually feeling better today then I’ve felt in awhile.  I don’t know whether it was all the deep breathing yesterday, the aloe, or the two hour nap I took this afternoon, but whatever!  We’re on the fast track now.

Someone called here a little while ago whom I spoke to last week and he said “Wow – it sounds like you’re all better!”

Good.  At least it’s sounding that way.

I had loosely planned on going out tonight, but now I’m resolved that up until my tour, it’s going to be aloe, garlic and lots of sleep. Anything else that manages to get done will just be a bonus.

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