National Arrogance Week

If I were a holiday-name guesser from another planet, that’s what I would’ve guessed this week would be called.  Unfortunately though, it’s all been going on much longer than a week.  It just seems like it’s all coming to a head.

Yesterday I spent the morning with MJ, my hairdresser, a good friend and a beautiful Asian woman.

MJ had gone out on Saturday for drinks with AC to a mutual hangout of ours where the bartender is a very handsome, young and charming Asian man.

MJ said the whole time they were there, he flirted with and chatted up AC, but didn’t even look at MJ.  He was so, obviously, rude.

MJ told me, that’s because, as a fellow Asian, she was onto his game.  She said, “A lot of Asian men are only nice to White women because White women are charmed by them and think they’re exotic.  They won’t even look at Asian women!  They’re so arrogant!”

It seems all I’ve been hearing about lately is arrogance.  Word of the day (week/year/decade). First Wall Street.  Then the The Banks. Add to that, Charlie Sheen.  And now, the handsome Asian bartender!

All the bad news that’s going on all around the world.  The common denominator is arrogant, arrogant people.

Here’s my vote for a new holiday.  How about “National Non-Arrogance” week?  And can we extend for the next hundred years?   That would be nice.

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