Gotta cut back on late night radio

I really like Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory & Art Bell.  I listen to it late at night a lot, driving and/or just before going to sleep.  They have some great guests with very interesting and alternative viewpoints.

Sometimes it’s creepy.  Like when they’re featuring ghost stories, shadow people or demon-related topics that night – I don’t listen from bed.  Sweet dreams, huh?

Last night they were talking about the end of the world.  Great.  I probably should’ve turned it off sooner than I did too, but noooooooo…….

Then someone called in and said “Did you see the headless green horseman ghost riding through the crowds in Egypt that was on MSNBC?


So this morning I U-Tubed the green horseman ghost, and sure enough – there it was!

Then, under that, there were all kinds of comments that followed, saying that this was the pale horseman of the apocalypse, and that this was a biblical sign, pointing to the end of the world.

I’m more of the belief that we’re just going through some Really Big Changes here and that there’s a silver lining to this all on the other side.  But then, when I hear/see stuff like this it gets me wondering, am I being an optimist or an ostrich?

Only time will tell.  But in the meantime, I’m going to go get some new books for my nightstand.

Oh.  And the good news – my silver went up again today!

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