Silver: The good news and the bad news

Some hard times out there.  I’m hearing the same story over and over from so many of my friends.  A lot of people are struggling, and starting over at an age they never thought they would be starting over at.  Houses that were supposedly building equity have done the opposite.  Many careers that were building momentum have thinned out, or disappeared altogether.

I dabbled in the stock market a little last year.  Turned out I wasn’t so good at it – and fortunately had enough sense to get out quickly.  But I did learn quite a bit in the process, including a little bit about hedge funds – what they are (betting on the downside) and that precious metals and commodities can be good hedges.

Acting on that tiny bit of knowledge, a few months ago, I invested some funds into a silver trust ETF (NYSE:SLV).

I check the news first thing every morning on the internet.  Most of it is terrible and scary, but still, I keep up to date.  But for some good news, I’ll pop over and check on how my silver is doing.  Kind of like an ice cream cone after a dentist appointment.

It’s going up up up – yay!   Uh oh.


btw – here’s a my lyric: “Where’s My Silver Lining” from my CD/”Wolves At My Door”

SILVER LINING/A. Moscow 2000

You scream

Then I scream

But nobody’s passing out

Ice cream

Then You cry

Then I cry

Sometimes it feels like

I wanna die

They say we got to walk through this muck together

To get to the other side

Well maybe that’s true baby, baby

But I sure don’t like this ride

Where’s my silver lining?

They say every cloud has a silver lining

Where’s my silver lining Baby?

You say you just want

Me to be


But how can I be

When you’re so


For better or worse I’m connected to you

And all your pain – Well it hurts me too

What’s going on at the end of this tunnel

Are we gonna survive?

Where’s my silver lining?

They say every cloud has a silver lining

Where’s my silver lining Baby?

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