Relatively Speechless

I’ve been relatively speechless for almost 2 weeks now.  That bug that’s been going around hit me hard in the throat and for most of last week I was completely without a voice.  I’ve been gradually getting better, talking a little by mid-last week, but still functioning at half mast.

Today I started singing again – just a little.  I sound like a husky blues singer, which is actually kind of nice, but I could do without the constant throat clearing.

It’s wild, being without a voice.  Like one of those monks who walks around in silence.  Very contemplative.  For all the communication I haven’t been engaged in, it’s felt like I could’ve been on the other side of the world.  A lot of phone calls went unanswered, a lot of social and business plans just didn’t happen.  So many things were put on hold while I just settled back, out of the picture – an observer.

I used to meditate, but I don’t anymore.  But I remember sometimes after meditation, you get up & feel this kind of peaceful glow that hangs around you for awhile.  I’m feeling a little of that glow right now.  Like these past few weeks have been a sort of meditation.

Part of me can’t wait to jump back into life, phone calls, making plans, etc.  But the peace is nice too.

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