Night Walkers and Dreams

Last night LK was telling me about the first time he went to Hawaii, he woke up in the middle of the night with either a vision or a very realistic dream of thousands of Hawaiian warriors stampeding over him.  It was vivid and frightening.

The next morning he told someone about it, and the person was like, “Oh yeah.  The Night Walkers.  They’re the spirits of Hawaiian warriors who don’t know that they’re dead.  A lot of people see them.”

Apparently, everyone in Hawaii knows about the Night Walkers.   There’s even a band there named after them.

Arizona isn’t known for any large bodies of water, but a number of the suburban residential developments here, including mine, are home to fake lakes with fountains that light up at night.  Small, placid, decorative bodies of water perfect for floating around on party boats and watching the sunset.

Last night, I had a vivid dream that I was driving by my neighborhood fake lake, and it was wild.  Choppy, churning and wild with 20 foot waves.

Not sure what it all means.  Maybe it’s time to learn to surf.


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