Chopin fundraiser

My friend LK invited me to a concert last night at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.  It was a very low-key, recital-esque type of program.  A pianist I wasn’t familiar with played some Chopin I wasn’t familiar with.

It was a packed house.  Scottsdale Center for the Arts is a good-sized auditorium, and every seat was filled, which surprised me, given what I’ve been hearing/seeing lately about concert attendance, and this certainly was not your typical “big-draw” event.

I said to LK, how did you hear about this?

He pointed out a couple sitting a few rows in front of us and told me that they’ve been major contributers to the classical music scene here in town for years, but that they lost most of their philanthropic funds, as well as a good deal of their personal wealth, through Bernie Madoff.

The musicians were donating their performances tonight for this concert, which was organized to help raise money towards rebuilding some of those funds.

(sarcastic self thought bubble here) “Oh.  Kind of like a bake sale to help save the school?”

Re: above – I hope I’m just being my knee-jerk sarcastic self here, and that the concert did a lot of good.   There were a lot of very wealthy looking people in that packed house, so, who knows?   But I also know, we’re talking millions.




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