This Prius Driver: Political Shmomitical

I love my Prius.  I’m always reminded of just how much, when I can pull into and cruise down the carpool lane during rush hour or a traffic jam.

I bought my car in 2007 when Arizona was offering rebates and HOV stickers for hybrid buyers; Priuses, Camrys & some of the Hondas were eligible.  At that time, the state was allowing only another 1500 cars onto the program, and then that was it.

Today I was driving (alone) on 101, in traffic, so I pulled into the carpool lane.  Shortly after, I was being followed by a policeman on a motorcycle. For less than a mile.  Then he left my lane to I assume move onto greener pastures.  Must’ve noticed the sticker:)

Arizona is a really mixed political landscape, and I have friends and acquaintances all over that map, and sometimes people who stereotype other people by their cars will say some pretty strange things like “What are you?  A ‘greenie’?”

(Witty retort here:  “You’re driving a Tundra!  What are you? An Eskimo?”)

All I know is I get 50 mpg, can drive single in the carpool lane, and my full keyboard setup and sound system load really easily into the hatchback.  Sweet!

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