Ticket Sales

I talked with my son yesterday and he told me that he just gave advice to a friend that he should’ve been giving to himself.  I think that’s what we do though.  The right people seem to come around at just the right time so we can give them the advice that we need to give to ourselves.

My CD release concert’s coming up on Saturday and so far ticket sales are pretty light.  So I find myself talking to myself, reminding myself of all the little pieces of helpful advice and homilies that I know about ticket sales, and now I will pass this advice along to you, my blog readers:)

Here goes:

1. We’re still a week out and most people wait till the last minute and most sales happen the last week and there’s always a lot of walk-ups.

2. The radio & press don’t hit till tomorrow.

3. Rumor has it, one week before Macy Gray won her Grammy, she played somewhere around here to an audience of 3.

4. When I went to buy a ticket to see Imogen Heap, about 4 years ago at a very large venue, only 11 tickets had been sold.  Then she appeared on Leno & two days later it was standing room only.

5. I went to a house concert Saturday to see a very talented friend who usually plays to packed houses.  On this Saturday night, there were 4 people there.  I felt a little bad for him, but he didn’t see to mind and gave an awesome show.

6. The people who are there are the ones who are supposed to be there.  No more, no less.  Just always do your best.

Well, like I said, it’s still almost a week out.  I’m really looking forward to the show, and there’s so much to get done before then.  I’m just not going to ask the box office for numbers again.

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