Countdown to New Album Release

I’m very excited, but fortunately, also very busy which is good that I don’t have enough time to stand around driving myself crazy being so excited.

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Arizona Lifestyle Magazine, and the story will be out on February 1st.

Then I spent a good part of yesterday working with Jake, a graphic artist on my album cover and corresponding T-shirts.  I came in with pieces/concepts, etc, but I needed a fluent computer graphics artist to pull it all together.

I went to art school many years ago, and at that time only the geeky kids took the computer graphics classes.  I was an oil painter thank you.  Now I kick myself.

Jake was fantastic.  Not only did he let me breathe over his shoulder as I generously shared all my opinions:) but he’s an amazing artist, and really fluent and creative with the Adobe programs, and within a few hours we cranked out the most stunning design.

Then today at a songwriter’s event I ran into a promoter who’s interested in doing some work together, and we’re going to talk later this week.

It’s all coming together.

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