Netiquette Peeves

I’m new at Twitter, so pretty much anyone who’s following me, I’ll check them out and if they look interesting, I’ll follow them.

Yesterday I got a tweet from a new follower, so I followed him back, and not even an hour later, I got a direct e-mail request from him, asking me to become his fan on Facebook.

C’mon dude.  We just met.  Let me maybe get to know you a little first.  Then I’ll check out your music.  THEN, if I am your fan, I will become your fan.

I went to Twitter and promptly unfollowed him.

And then this happens on Facebook every couple of weeks – I’ll get a new Facebook friend whom I don’t know  (I usually confirm as long as we have a few friends in common)  And then, less than an hour later, I’ll get a direct, personal e-mail invitation to their event, posted directly to my wall.

Buh-bye friend.

People get caught up in the numbers of it all.  I get it.  High numbers are nice.  But what good are 1000 fans if none of them are really your fans?   Then when you send out your mailing list nobody comes because they just said they were your fan to be nice to you, but nobody really likes you anyway.




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