It’s a beautiful morning.

It’s a beautiful morning.  I just got back from a long walk, where I was mentally going back and forth on whether or not to start this blog.

I already have a pretty good blog going, “I’m Starting Over”, that I started about 4 years ago when I was going through a divorce, although I haven’t blogged much there for about a year now.

Anyway, in November I went to the Taxi Road Rally and took Ariel Hyatt’s social media class (she’s fantastic!) and I bought her book, “Music Success in Nine Weeks.” In Chapter 5 (“Week 5”), she talks about how important it is for musicians to blog.

My first thought was – well, I already have a blog, so maybe I’ll just link it to my music website and go from there.  And if fans want to know more about me, they’ll really get to know, because 4 years of my life and musings are all laid out there.

And then I thought, well, those were pretty painful time, those 4 years, and most of the subject matter I write about in that blog is about, well, starting over!

And then I thought, well, my music, particularly my solo career which began with my first CD, “Wolves At My Door”, blossomed out of a painful time in my life. Rumblings of suburban discontent became the rocket fuel that first launched me into the writer/performer that I am today.

And after all, aren’t we all always starting over in some aspect? Reinventing ourselves?  Isn’t that what growth is?  So why not just continue my “Starting Over” blog and link that to my site?

And then I thought, my divorce is in the past now and my music is changing.  A much different mood, different themes.

I have a new CD coming out next month that I’m so proud of, all from a very different place than where I’ve been.  So, maybe it is time for a new blog as well.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, here’s the link to my past:) But this is where I’ll be blogging now.

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